About Us

Somali Journalists for Human Rights (SJHR) is a Somali civil society organization which works on protection of human rights. We work on monitoring human rights issues in Somalia and the human rights problems facing the Somalis in the Diaspora.

Currently, there are journalists’ associations in Somalia but most of these lobby mainly for the rights of fellow journalists and they do little to fight for the rights of all people except the normal coverage of news which may include bringing abuses of rights to the attention of audience. They may do this unknowingly because they focus on reporting any news. However, we SJHR would like to fully and purposely monitor and protect human rights in a way that is deliberate and dedicated for the good of people starting with the people of Somalia and then the Somalis in the Diaspora. We are very sure this idea will give journalism its real meaning. Therefore, we would like all organizations that work towards the welfare of people especially those organizations that work on development in Somalia to support us in achieving our organizational objectives.

Our Objectives

  1. To help international and national human rights organizations in terms of monitoring human rights abuses;

  2. To work on the protection of human rights;

  3. To redeem human rights.


  1. Liaising and working with parliamentary commissions for human rights;

  2. Documentation of human rights violations;

  3. Assisting the major human rights organizations in terms of monitoring human rights issues in Somalia;

  4. Publishing books on human rights;

  5. Production of radio and TV programmes in which people will be taught their rights;

  6. Associating with lawyers who always lobby for redeeming human rights;

  7. Working with UN protection cluster and assisting them with our knowledge as journalists regarding monitoring of abuses of human rights in Somalia and within the Horn of Africa Region as well as other places where there are Somali Diaspora communities;

  8. Contributing to trainings provided to paralegals who want to fight for human rights-Diploma Level Paralegals;

  9. Training journalists on proper journalism such as journalism ethics so that others don’t get justification that they violated their rights and then harm them;

  10. Media Monitoring:-following the Somali and the regional media to monitor daily;

  11. Research:-we shall also conduct desk-based research on human rights abuses in Somalia;

  12. Conducting IDIs and FGDs and transcribing and translating them to English for use of research work;

  13. Facilitating direct exposure to the work of international human rights organizations for Somali journalists;

  14. Facilitation of interaction between Somali journalists and other domestic and international organizations and between Somali journalists and international and local government officials;

  15. Creating opportunities for Somali journalists to attend lectures, trainings and special events relating to human rights.

SJHR is registered as Non-Governmental Organization  in Somalia-Reg Cert No. 920

We are a member of the Somalia Protection Cluster and the Global Protection Cluster in general.
 We welcome new partners and we are ready to work with all entities on welfare missions for the people of Somalia. For new partnerships, kindly drop us an email: info@sojohur.org or sjhr2011@gmail.com.
To donate to our noble course, kindly send your donations through Account No. 0110455801, Gulf 
African Bank, Nairobi Kenya, Eastleigh Branch. To talk to us, you can dial +252907635116 (in Somalia) and +254725018687 (in Kenya).


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