The Plights of the Girl Child in Somalia


In Somalia children in general suffer from: killing, maiming, recruitment into armed groups, abductions, forced labor, forced marriage against girls, sexual violence, denial of education, attacks on their schools and FGM

Problems that are unique to girls include child marriage- young girls are forced to marry old men because their parents receive money from old men.On the other hand, parents use the excuse that there is no need to educate a girl as they think girls will go away and be married by men. On the contrary, it is much better for them to get married when they have some education. They will know how to ensure healthy children and good support for their hubby’s. Knowledge as a result of education is a human rights

On the other hand, sexual violence in terms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and rape are common. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is rampant. Somalis say this was long time practiced culture which they cannot stop. However, more awareness is needed to stop this injustice on innocent girls as the practice deprives them of their health say during child delivery and menstruation period. Among other means, FGM and the other violations against girls and children at large should be addressed in relation to

There are also many more mistreatments against girl children in Somalia. It is for sure, us the local and the INGOs  can do a lot together to alleviate the plights of the girl child in Somalia, a country that has seen a civil war for nearly a quarter century where children especially the girl child suffered a lot.

University of Nairobi