Somali Journalists for Human Rights (SJHR) advises the government of Puntland to uphold Press Freedom

Press releas

Somali Journalists for Human Rights (SJHR) hereby advises the government of Puntland to uphold Press Freedom. SJHR also recommends journalists in Puntland to protect media law and ethics.

Last month, there emerged disagreements between the Puntland Ministry of Information and Media Association of Puntland (MAP) over the closure of Radio Daljir, amendments on Puntland media laws notably over the entity which is supposed to issue media accreditations (press cards).

Either of them claimed to have the right to issue them. Journalists in Puntland have also differed on those issues. Even some members of MAP differed from their colleagues as they believed that the Ministry of Information is supposed to issue the press cards and that no rift should be created on that between the government of   Puntland and the different media outlets in Puntland.

Somali Journalists for Human Rights (SJHR) calls for the creation of a conducive working environment for independent media in which freedom of speech and association of journalists are respected. SJHR also calls for a quick solution for the current misunderstanding.

SJHR advises the media personnel and the journalists in Puntland to consider patriotism, peace and development all over Puntland so that we can achieve understanding on the importance of the media among citizens and within the government-a government and society that make proper judgment.

SJHR would encourage the parliamentary commission assigned for the matter to solve the disagreement between the ministry and MAP while we also support face to face dialogue paving the way for final solution to the recurrent issue.

We at Somali Journalists For Human Rights (SJHR) encourage an independent media working with freedoms and at the same time protecting laws and ethics set aside for the Somali media and for the global media in general.

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