SJHR Holds Seminar on Protection & Human Rights Journalism

Some of the trainees after the seminar ended

On 30th August 2015, a seminar on Protection & Human Rights Journalism was held at MOYA Institute in Nairobi. The seminar was organized by Somali Journalists for Human Rights (SJHR).

Some 15 journalists were trained on protection and human rights reporting. Lessons learnt included Research on Human Rights Violations especially Contact Building, Monitoring and Fact Finding. Trainees were also taught how to document human rights issues and how to address them (Documenting and Acting).

The trainees were also advised not only write on these issues but to give recommendations on what they would suggest are the best remedies for the problems they note. Ahmed Ibrahim Hashi, the Director of SJHR and Mohamed Warsame who is a member of SJHR as well as Mohamed Abdirizack who were some of the trainers of the priceless seminar advised them to engage in innovative journalism which is considered to be beneficial to the society in this modern era. Gone are the days when journalists only reported about problems and did nothing more!

On the contrary, innovative journalism calls for journalists like other good and outstanding personalities to pioneer in addressing plights facing the people including the most vulnerable people such as women, children, the IDPs, refugees, elderly people and disabled persons.

At the moment, there is a wake up call that innovative journalism should not only be used for protection but for creativity to work out on development and humanitarian facets of human life such that journalists themselves can streamline humanitarian and development initiatives such that they can provide tangible and direct interventions. By doing so, they can for sure give back to their societies and lead the way to development and prosperity for their countries, continents and to their world as global citizens.

These are some of the values enjoyed by SJHR members and supporters and the seminar was one of its kind to drive such inspirations among the Somali journalists so that they can be of help not only to themselves but to their people as well.

SJHR pledges to continue its effective and innovative initiatives for the society. Such efforts are endless and soon we hope to organize such training alongside information campaigns on those agendas through mass media channels such as radios and TVs and though outreach progrms.

University of Nairobi