In a recent visit to Laascaanood town, Sool Region, I have visited this club’s center where I compile and explore what I have seen and understood from the important work of the club:

This club has been established approximately eight months now. The club was founded by young Somali ladies who are students in Laascaanood town, Sool Region. This is a center in which the new good ideas of the society are presented.

These are 15 ladies in number who are the founder members of the club. The club produces awareness programs for the community in Laascaanood. They bring forward the new important ideas, right to personal attitude, education awareness among youth, prevention of desperate journeys to abroad in search of better life –that is what is better known as tahriib, environmental protection, and participation of the betterment of health services.

Recently, the club members have carried out awareness at primary and secondary schools in  Laascaanood. They have also held competitions for the students in those schools so that they could find out what they have in mind and their aspirations.

The club members have also held competitions for artists in Sool Region where the artists were contending on their artistic imaginativeness. Those competitions drew the attention of many women and youths as well as the members of the different cross-sections of the society who attended them in their numbers.

Moreover, the club created a volunteer program in which mosquito nets have been distributed among the TB patients at the Laascaanood’s main hospital. The volunteer program was praised by the medical practitioners of the region and the patients alike.

I have recently visited Laascaanood town and had meeting with the club members so that my organization -Somali journalists For Human Rights (SJHR) could find out the initiatives and the aspirations of the club. The young ladies welcomed me warmly and explained to us a lot of what they do and their noble work and the reasons as to why they established the club. The club led entirely by young ladies elaborated well its short and long term goals.

They also explained to SJHR the fact that many male led organizations failed in the past and that is why they opted for the club to be only female led club. They believe that through this means they can achieve more.

The young ladies led club calls for all the donors, the international organizations and well wishers as well as the local organizations and the Diaspora Somalia communities to assist them work on the humanitarian and the development initiatives in Sool Religion which is among the lagging behind regions in terms of provision of services and infrastructural development in the country. They added that they will welcome any entity that is geared towards assisting the people of Sool.

They appealed to SJHR to assist their club in terms of upgrading their knowledge especially when it comes to human rights monitoring and protection in the region. The club reiterated that there is need for engaging in human rights programs in Sool.


University of Nairobi