Mapping the Plights of IDPs


Macaane Dajiye Dalaal is 12 year old IDP boy who was maimed by a bullet fired by police in Garowe after a commotion by IDPs in Camp Shabelle on 5th January this year.

One of the bullets fired by the police hit one of his legs. Dajiye was among four IDPs who sustained bullet injuries during the incident.

SJHR staff members who were on survey met with Dajiye at Camp Washitoon, a survey we have embarked for the purpose of mapping the plights of the IDPs in the IDP camps in and around Garowe so that they may be addressed in the best ways possible. The sad thing is that young Dajiye told us he has not been given any sufficient healthcare.

He added that only his parents who are poor have tried to do a little bit of care and that now he feels a lot of pain. He said neither charity nor government officials have come forward to assist him get the right medical attention.

Dajiye’s mother, Mrs. Amina Faarah Abdi said she doesn’t know where she can get justice for her son from. “We have recently taken him to Galkaayo where those metallic bars that you see were put into his leg but he is still an injury and feels continuous pain day and night”. Mrs. Amina said. She requested for assistance for her son’s medical care from the local and international NGOs. She also thanked in advance SJHR for trying to disseminate the information on their plights.

Elsewhere, at Fardhidin area, approximately 80Km south of Garowe where many nomadic pastoralists live, a young lady of about 18/20 who was from the nomadic families was rapped. The matter was confirmed to us by the authorities in that area who also told us that the lady was looking after goats when she was raped.

Recommendations to Address Those Problems by SJHR

  1. Legal aid should be given to Dajiye’s parents so that they can get justice for their son;
  2. Community Legal Centres should be established where civilians can approach for legal aid services;
  3. More awareness should be carried out so that civilians should not be harmed;
  4. The living standards of IDPs should be improved so that if in case emergency happens, they should afford medical care for themselves;
  5. Rape should be prevented by imposing harsher penalties on rapists (within the boundaries of the law).

By Yusuf Mohamed Mohamo’ud, the SJHR Country Director for Somalia and

Aden Mohamed –SJHR Contact Person

For further information on those problems, you can call:

– Yusuf Mohamed (Somali and English) on +252678635116 or +252907635116 or by email:


-Aden Mohamed (Somali and English) on +254725018687 or by email:


You can direct any assistance for those victims to us. We shall deliver it. SJHR also pledges to play a role in the establishment of Community Legal Centres if there is any donor or well-wisher coming forward to try to establish one in our areas of operation.

SJHR started the Mapping Project so as to record the plights of civilians including IDPs in Somalia so that more intervention can be coordinated by humanitarian organizations.

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