Journalists & People Centered Project 2016-2017


 Project Narrative

Somalia being a country that has been in civil war for more than a quarter century and one of the worst places for journalists to work, there is no doubt that journalists need assistance in their work towards the betterment of the country and people-especially the vulnerable of women, children, IDPs, disabled persons, refugees and elderly people as well as minorities.

This splendid project puts Somali journalists and the media in Somalia as the main theme and focus.

-Content-media programs and trainings

-Raising the level of awareness-trainings/workshops/seminars

-Outreach programs –to raise the level of awareness on the need for protection and assistance for journalists

-Giving back to the society in a better way-programs that are geared towards the betterment of all including the journalists themselves and the other vulnerable people

-Good governance programs

-Programs trying to curb the problems from the source-illegal immigration

-Equipments such as computers and cameras and protective equipments –bullet proof vests when reporting from conflict zones

-Facilities for trainings such as starting a training room with its furniture and whiteboards together with stationary

-Vehicles for journalists-these boost their technical capacity to move around and gather the necessary news and information

-Assisting journalists assist the grassroots by helping them give recommendations for redress

-Programs encouraging journalists to liaise with humanitarian and development agencies to streamline redress of plights noted

-Community journalism [journalism sidebar] inwardly looking into the issues of the community, reporting, giving recommendations and steering the nation towards intolerance against addressable problems.

-Creation of understanding among the people of Somalia and the world (the understanding among the Somalis and the people of the rest of the world) through shared journalism. In vernacular Somali, the Somalis understand the issues addressed but in international languages such as English or Arabic or even French, the world understands the plights of our people and tries to help.

-Engaging the world citizens in curbing the plights of Somalis such as migration from the source such as illegal immigration in the Horn of Africa so that Somalis don’t go to other countries where they may create social problems of overstretching resources of others unnecessarily while they can succeed in their own country.

-Peace building programs through the media and journalism. Human rights and peace-building are essential for thriving the nation and all benefit including journalists. We may have such segments or components for the betterment of all.

-Leveraging: Replication of such noble projects can be done in neighboring countries and regions and the whole world.


  1. To raise the level of awareness of protection of journalists
  2. To protect and redeem human rights and freedoms through the media and journalism

University of Nairobi