Editorial Reflecting the Views of SJHR/DHC on Protection & Humanitarian Initiatives

Somali Journalists for Human Rights (SJHR) is an organization that has broad visions. As our name suggests, this organization was founded and led by Somali journalists. One of our visions, also remarkably visible in our name ‘human rights’, means protection of human rights.

We engage ourselves with innovative journalism which is considered beneficial to the society in this modern era or century –the 21st Century in which many issues evolved to the better, journalism being no exception!

In other words, the old journalism practice where journalists only reported about issues and did nothing more is gradually being replaced by the better and inventive writing or reporting by journalists on the issues and then giving recommendations on what should be done (by all including journalists themselves-each person or entity within their or its capacity) to remedy the plights that were reported about [documenting & acting].

Our work is therefore based on researching violations, contact building, monitoring, news or information gathering, fact finding, analyzing, editing, presenting and/or documenting as well as recommending on remedies for the necessary redress and the broader acting. It also relates to improving on the already gained achievements or success stories with regard to as many areas in the entire human life as possible especially to the development and the humanitarian aspects of the people.

Why do we say this? We say this because life can depend on what you are given as a humanitarian gesture by others or what you work for. From another scenario, others can assist you forever with food aid and other necessities or they can assist you with development so that you can with time do away with the aid or they can assist you with humanitarian aid and development in a parallel manner so that your misery is minimized before you develop.

That is the very reason why SJHR has also come up with its subsidiary organization i.e. Development & Humanitarian Committee (DHC) which focuses on aid, rehabilitation and reconstruction as well as general advancement. We aspire this subsidiary organization to become our international charity once we can be able to combine our humanitarian will with more efficiency in terms of technical capacity.

By doing so, people can for sure give back to their societies and lead the way to prosperity for their countries, continents and to their world as global citizens.

We hope 2016 and beyond will be safer and well-off time for the people of our country, Somalia and for the entire population of the world.

University of Nairobi