HRW Report on Somalia, 2017

Somalia’s armed conflict, abuses by all warring parties, and a new humanitarian crisis continue to take a devastating toll on civilians. Hundreds of civilians were killed in indiscriminate attacks by the Islamist armed group Al-Shabab, particularly in Mogadishu. Military operations against Al-Shabab, at times in violation of the laws of war, by Somali government forces […]

Warbixintii HRW ee 2017

Colaadda hubaysan ee ka jirta Soomaaliya, tacaddiyada ay geysanayaan dhammaan dhinacyada is haya, iyo dhibaato cusub oo dhanka bani’aadannimada ah ayaa culays weyn ku haya dadka rayidka ah. Ururka Al-Shabab ayaa boqolaal qof oo rayid ah si aan kala sooc lahayn ugu laayay weerarro uu fuliyay, gaar ahaan kuwo uu ka geystay magaalada Muqdisho. Howlgallada […]


In a country which has only recently started making renewed headway against patriarchal traditions, 23-year-old Hamdi Mohamed Ali is passionate about education for girls and women’s rights. Hamdi is the chairperson of the Somali Professional Girls Union – or, as it is known locally, the ‘Ururka Gabdhaha Aqoonyahannada Soomaaliyeed’ (UGASO) – which brings together young, […]

Somaliland journalists detained, accused of “false news”

Nairobi, December 20, 2017 – Somaliland authorities should immediately release Ahmed Sa’ed and Abdirahman Mohamed Ege, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Police on December 18 arrested the Somali journalists on allegations of publishing false news about the mayor of Berbera, a port city in the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, according to Guleid Ahmed […]

US diplomat resigns over Donald Trump tactics

By KEVIN J. KELLEY In NEW YORK, USA A Nairobi-based American diplomat described as a rising star has resigned in protest over President Donald Trump administration’s military-focused foreign policy, particularly in Somalia. “We have ceded to the (military headquarters) Pentagon our authority to drive US foreign policy, at the behest of the White House but to […]

EXCLUSIVE: BBC’s Somali Service hits lowest rating in

Sep 22, 2016 According to the station, it provides a key link between those in Somalia and those elsewhere By Judy Maina, NAIROBI – For the BBC Somali service, decades of outstanding reporting has earned for it an unrivaled reputation and credibility among the ethnic-Somali communities around the world, thanks to lack of competition and veteran journalists […]

My Contribution to Building Today, a Better Africa Tomorrow

My contribution to building today, our continent, mother Africa for a better tomorrow is first of all protection of human rights. We know that in Africa human rights violations are rampant. Africa kills its sun and that is why it lags behind and remains to be in the dark. It kills its bright people, young […]